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You Be The Light

Mathew 5:14-16 
Jesus tells us to let our light shine and be a blessing to the world.

If the Stars Were Mine

I remind my grandchildren there is Someone to Whom the stars belong.  And He sings over us, too.

Lord, Blow the Moon Out, Please

I made an album of lullabies for my grandchildren.  I share them because every child should know the absolute joy of someone who loves them singing to them.

In What We Cannot See

This is a war song.  It was written during a very hard time in my life, to remind me about what I already knew: God is always there.

Big Daddy

This song was written by USAGEM member Daniel L. Johnson and legendary Nashville songwriter, Wood A. Newton.  It was written in honor of Bernard Shuff, who was the father-in-law of Daniel's brother, Bill Johnson.  Mr. Shuff - who died on July 29, 2014 - was lovingly called "Big Daddy" by his children and grandchildren. 

Little Bit of Faith

God say's "Call unto Me and I will answer Thee, and I'll show the great and mighty things that thou knowest not"
God can move that mountain out of your life, when you have the faith to speak to your mountaion it will be CAST into the sea.   


fun song , reminding us that we are to make God Smile...


this song is on my new Project.  THUNDER ,   it i  song that talks about the Storms of life, but knoing that God i Always with us...

Thank You Lord

Written by: Mollie Jackson

Begone Devil

Fight with the Devil, the Devil can't win when you have Jesus. Traditional Country in a style similar to Johnny Paycheck. Sandi Kay and Rene Jones singing harmonies, Jay Shupe on pedal steel, Tom Campbell fiddle and guitar, Bobby Kay rhythm guitar, Jimmy Heap Jr. on drums.

You Can Have My Car When the Rapture Comes

A friend said the old joke, "Can have your car when the raptue comes?"  to me after I'd mentioned the rapture. This song was my answer. With Sandi Kay and Rene Jones on harmony vocals. Jack Kincaid on mandolin, Rick Otts on banjo and Ferrell Stowe on dobro.

Our Father

Jesus taught us how to pray with this prayer. Set to a country-folk melody with 12-string guitar and the wonderful Ferrell Stowe playing dobro.

The Giving Song

Inspired by Luke 6:38, a country fingerpicked guitar song in the style of "I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal," it tells of God's wonderful gift of giving.

The Heaven Bound Boogie

It's an outreach message with a country-swing-boogie beat and a tongue-twisting chorus. Praising God with Jay Shupe on  pedal steel, Bud Rawls on piano, Tom Campbell on fiddle and guitar, Bobby Kay on rhythm guitar, and Jimmy Heap Jr. on drums..

You Can Trust In God

Another original.  Wrote this song for my brother in law and husband when we were all going thru a hard place. God has always been faithful and we can always trust Him..

When I Cross Chilly Jordan

Another original. Hope you enjoy... thanks for listening.

Monday Night At Grandpa's

I wrote this song for my 94 yr old Father in Law who still cooks supper for the entire family every Monday night at his house.  About 25-30 of us old and young show up to enjoy the night and each other.  It keeps us all connected and it's a time for prayer and fun.  He is a true Patriach and very loved.  He has taught all his children about Jesus and continues to do so to all the youngins'.   I hope you enjoy it.


Written by: Michael Gardner

His Again

So thankful for a forgiving God who loves me unconditionally.  This song is my testimony and I hope it will bless you and if you are struggling with an issue in your life give it to Him, he can help you and bring you back.  God Bless


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