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Too Good To Be True

April 12, 2013 TCT Network Sessions live concert.

My Jesus, I Love Thee by Cross Pointe

Cross Pointe sings the old hymn, "My Jesus, I Love Thee" accapella.

Dixie Travelers at CheeseBurger Family reunion

Dixie Travelers in concert with Ron Staples of he Mighty Clouds Joy; along with CheeseBurger and his brother.
Tommie Lewis from 760thegospel hosting

Time After Time

Cross Pointe at Creekside Convention in Pigeon Forge in November 2015

Our Father

The Lord's Prayer, set to a country/folk melody. The wonderful Ferrell Stowe is playing dobro. 

Deeford and Eason

What has Deeford and Eason gotten into now?

Moma's Song / Jesus Loves Me

A song about the Gospel Songs my Mother used to sing to me when I was young

Crazy World

The Reed Brothers - Our first full length music video. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did making it. Thank God we have the ability to change by faith. 

Cross Pointe's "I'm Still Standing" is a song written by one of it's members, Bill Pitts

"I'm Still Standing" is a southern gospel song written by one of our members, Bill Pitts. He has written several songs that we sing.
Cross Pointe

Cross Pointe's "All My Tears" Video

Cross Pointe's "All My Tears" video is a concept video of a song written by country artist Julie Miller. It's haunting style gives a picture that there is hope for one who dies in Christ and gives encouragement to those left behind. We hope you are blessed with it's meaning and music.
Cross Pointe

Bruce Live at the Pelham Civic Complex

Showcase of what to expect at one of Bruce's performances and contact information

My Son

This song was written by Sandi Kay Shupe and Guy Dozier. Try and imagine what God would have said to His son while on the earth. Also try and imagine what God will say to Jesus when it's time to return for His children.
Thank You for listeining to what we believe God might have said . 

Don't Cry For Me - Teresa Johnson

Teresa Johnson - the lead vocalist of the musical duo, The Pearly Gates - performs her most requested song, "Don't Cry For Me," which was written by Nashville music industry pro Renee Martin.  This video was filmed by Fresh Well Media at the 2012 USAGEM Awards Show.  We hope you enjoy this performance of this classic song.


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