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2006 Award Winners

Board Awards

Diamond Award

Mitch and Michael Gardner

The Diamond Award is the Pioneer Award.
The diamond is a brilliant stone that is strong and takes years to form. It has facets that reflect the smallest amount of light, creating more brilliance than any other stone. Jesus said to be a light in the darkness to the world. The recipients of this award have been a true example of this stone. They have many facets in their ministry and their lifetime achievements that reflect the brilliance of the Son they serve.

Ruby Award

Winner To Be Posted Soon

The Ruby Award is the Heart and Soul Award.
It is given to the person who has shown dedication and effort to the promotion of USAGEM. They have promoted equality and consistency for all genres of gospel music. They have displayed great heart for both membership and participation.

Sapphire Award

Ann Hartmann

he Sapphire Award is the Bartimaus Award.
It is given to the person who has shown great participation without accolades. They have supported USAGEM in every way. They have been faithful in attendance, traveling a great distance to participate in all functions.

Emerald Award

Winner To Be Posted Soon

The Emerald Award is a lifetime achievement award.
The emerald is green in color, like the earth that God created and is continually growing. The winner of this award has endured hardships, battles and many trials that would have caused others to give up. This individual is an inspiration, a true disciple for the Kingdom of God and USAGEM. The emerald cut is square to represent four sides. This recipient has proven to go beyond the call of duty to cover all corners of the earth and USAGEM.

Member Voted Awards

Female Vocalist Of The Year

Sharie Conard

This award is presented to a female artist known for her delivery, songs, and performing excellence. She may be a part of a duo, group, or perform as a solo artist.

Male Vocalist of the Year

Ed Crawford

This award is presented to a male artist known for his delivery, songs, and excellent performance. He may be a part of a duo, group, or perform as a solo artist.

Vocal Group Of The Year

The Gardners

A vocal group is comprised of three or more vocalists who consistently perform together as a unit. This award is presented to a group known for their compatible vocals, harmony, blend, range, personality, and song selection. Through their collective style, successful vocal groups have the unique ability to enhance their songs on recordings, videos, and live performances with their impeccable harmony, sound, and blend.

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