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Hello Friends,

While preparing to write a story about a twelve years of battling with diabetes complications, Brenda discovers something more special. The camera came on accidentially and to her surprise she notice that she was surrounded by so much beauty. She proclaimed with a shout in the form of a question "Is This Where I live?

Because music had consumed her for over thirty years she was not aware that while she was woking in Corporate America and striving to become a successful Gospel music recording artist she had also prepared herself to live well long after.

Although her music has not landed her a center of the stage spot presence she did not give up. Brenda learned early in her drive to be an artist that we cannot allow th general public to feed us. We have to work and build a life outside of the dream.

Brenda have been working since she was sixteen years old and she is now living a productive fifty-eight years. God is allowing Brenda to see through her dim eye-sight that her efforts to live well is not in vain.

Brenda is also creating DVD version of these unique images of herself , her home decor and gifts that others have given to her today and through the years.
Brenda is also sharing pictures of her favorite perfumes of the Bond no 9 product line from her personal fragrance representative-Mr. Michael B. French inside Nordstroms at the GreenHills mall.
Brenda is using the new technology and the tricks of her camera to create images of her hands, arms, bracelets as well as other stuff around the home. It is funny how we rush through life and never take a moment to capture what we are accumulating.
Brenda is making a living "will" decision that she will not be having a traditional funeral services or a memorial after her earthly life is ended she is sharing her real life story through the artistry of her photos.

She is sharing her reasons for putting together a real life Documentary using her photos and her music tell her story well. She will add her music at a later date as well as she will add photos from time to inspire those who view them a reason to live well in the moment.

Some of the photo images is today's reflections of her life, and day to day experiences dealing with in real-time life's hurts, pains, ad her journey of trials, tribulations, struggles, obstacles, and challenges while living through the baring land.

The pain and the realities of life in's and out's of many situations and circumstances has revamped her focus in these photos she is sharing with her audience true images seldom seen of real conditions where those of us who claim to live normal and Christian lives.

In these images shared by Brenda life illustratrates what pain, hurt, sickness and disease will do to us when we have no "control" and discipline.

In addition, having to deal with rejections of those who do not take the time to know us really and as they judge us in their narrowed minded thought patterns we still rise.

These photos demonstrate so many emotions and real life events which share that real life is not always a pretty pose.

There is rich sources of wisdom that can be embraced because real life is not a rehearsal and sometimes we can drown in our earthly cares if we never take hold to what God's plan is for our lives. life has value and worth in many forms


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