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As I was thinking and talking to God, I ask what should this moth should be about ? I could not get away from " Greater Love hath no man than e lays his own life down for a friend John 15. Go ahead and read the whole chapter.

God has called us his friend. I have thought about this passage for a while, how many people do you call friend that you would lay your life down for ? 1 maybe 2 or 3 ? God Loved us so much that he gave us his son and Jesus loved his father enough to do what no man could do. He laid his life down for us. We wnat ot be picky sometimes who we share God's love with and that is not what God has ask us to do. He wants us to show his love to the world, not just a hand picked few. Take a little time this month coming and share a little of Gods love in the month that we have set aside as the Month of Love...:) Share with the Love of God with someone you ordinarily would not.... stretch yourself... be Gods hand extended...

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