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I'm certainly ready for a new beginning and I bet you all are too.  It's 2013 and what a year we can make it be. God is still in control and we all have lots of work to do this year.
We're called to encourage and spread the word in all our talented ways.  Can't wait to see you all from time to time in the upcoming events.
If you need anything from me just email me at  or call me on my smart ? phone lol. The phone's smart, but the operator has a lot to learn.  (919) 306-9550.
I'm going to put some pictures of my Christmas and some of you are in it.  I'll try to put some more songs on as well.  This year I'm starting with "Live, Love , Laugh".  I think we all need to, as my photographer always says, "Let Go and Let God". That's why I feel this song is so right for now with all we've been through. God loves us and puts us through the refining fire to make us strong. It takes a lot of faith sometimes, but God is ever with us.
God Bless You All
Marty Merchant

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