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March is blowing in.  Come on Spring!  Wishing your family good health and new beginnings.
The date for our Annual Breaking the Chains Benefit is April 9th.  Check the schedule below for details.  A BIG Thank You to The Bluebird Cafe' for continuing to partner with us for twelve years now, supporting autism awareness in our community.  You Rock!
Thoughts and Thanks:

Perspective.  It's been said we all see the world through a different lens. Recently Morgan attended an art class with some of her buddies.  The instructor stood on the stage, giving directions as he painted the sample.  The students all saw the same painting, heard the same directions, and yet each painting was very uniquely it's own.  Ok, I'm a mom, but I thought all of the paintings were as remarkable as the artists who created them. 
Just another little reminder to me that we are each "fearfully and wonderfully made.  His works are wonderful.  I know that full well."   Psalm 139:14

Thursday March 14th - Nashville, TN
The Country Music Hall of Fame
Words and Music Program
Norman Binkley Elementary 4th Grade Class                
Saturday March 16th - Petersburg, VA
Shiloh SDA Church Disability Awareness Program
Inclusion Ministries
Tuesday April 9th - Nashville, TN
The Bluebird Cafe' 
Morgan Vice will open this year's round with a ribbon cutting.  Our good buddy Richard Trest initiated this last year and Morgan thought it was pretty cool. 
Twelfth Annual Breaking the Chains Benefit for ASMT
Logan Blade will be featured on both rounds
Early Round 6:00pm Tammy Vice, Stephen Lee Veal, Tony Ray Jones, and John Swaim
Late Round 9:00 pm Les Kerr, Jerry Salley, Wood Newton, others TBA
We'll pass the Big Loud Hat for early round donations. There is a $10.00 cover for late round.  100% of the proceeds go to The Autism Society of Middle Tennessee, serving counties in middle Tennessee.
Reservations can be made online at The Bluebird Cafe' one week prior to the event. 
Thursday August 15th - Nashville, TN
The Radison Hotel Nashville Airport
National Church Conference for the Blind
Until Next Time,                                                                                                             
Know The Hope!   
Tammy Vice

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