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It was great to see all of the USAGEM Family again and participate in the program.  I was really surprised at winning the "Pearl Award"  and I want to Thank all who were involved in making this happen.  It means so much to me and I am trully Humbled to have been Awarded this Honor.
I feel we have one of the best Organizations around, with people that work from the heart and really care about one another. We're all working for God in our own ways with the very different talents God has blessed us with.
Congratulations to all the other Award Winners Too.  If you were'nt there, you really missed a great time.  I really liked having it at the Wallace Chapel.  Christ Church is my Church home when I come to Nashville.  I guess for about 30 years  My Photographer sings in the choir there and I get to have coffee with them in the mornings and attend their rehearsals on Wed's when I'm in town.  Good People.
I have a new Video on You Tube thanks to David and Diana Thomas. "I'll Be Home At Christmas".  I had David load it for me as I'm not that clever yet, but I'll get there.  They are also responsible for shooting the Video "All Americans Stand Up!". They do such good work and they're great people to work with and hope to do more in the future.  And I can't forget my Producer Gary Mc Vay, who did all the music and back up vocals with me.  He's just great.
Hope you will check out the new video and have a truly Blessed Christmas with Family and Friends and a Prosperous and Safe New Year.  We don't know what the Future holds, but we know Who holds the Future!
God Bless You All
Marty Merchant

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