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Happy New Year 2013!! Blessings To All

I'm certainly ready for a new beginning and I bet you all are too.  It's 2013 and what a year we can make it be. God is still in control and we all have lots of work to do this year.
We're called to encourage and spread the word in all our talented ways.  Can't wait to see you all from time to time in the upcoming events.
If you need anything from me just email me at  or call me on my smart ? phone lol. The phone's smart, but the operator has a lot to learn.  (919) 306-9550.

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USAGEM Annual Awards Show 2012

It was great to see all of the USAGEM Family again and participate in the program.  I was really surprised at winning the "Pearl Award"  and I want to Thank all who were involved in making this happen.  It means so much to me and I am trully Humbled to have been Awarded this Honor.
I feel we have one of the best Organizations around, with people that work from the heart and really care about one another. We're all working for God in our own ways with the very different talents God has blessed us with.

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USAGEM Birthday Bash Aug. 11th & July 4th Update

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're having a great summer and are staying busy with using the gifts God has given you. 

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