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Sprinkled throughout the music and entertainment industries, one can find grains of "salt" - Christians whom God has called to flavor the tasteless fodder that the world produces.  This flavoring gives hope to the hopeless; strength to the weak; insight to those who are blind; comfort to those who are mourning; and light to those who wander in darkness.  Nashville -a.k.a. Music City, USA - is no different from any other home of major music industry activities.  There are many people in the industry who know about God - but, who do not know God.  Our goal is to help all to know God through our music and ministry.

As Christians, God has called us to be "salt" wherever we are.  We are called to affect the world.  Individual grains of salt will give some flavor; but, imagine what could happen if these individual grains were collected into an organized "saltshaker" that is dedicated to enhancing the music and entertainment industries with His love.

Imagine if God brought together more than a thousand dedicated Christians - who are talented musicians; singers; songwriters; music business professionals; actors; agents; etc. - who are committed to proclaiming Jesus whenever He gives them an opportunity.

If you can see this scenario in your mind's eyes, you are envisioning:


Our Mission

To bring together dedicated talented people who are Christians and who work in or are diligently pursuing careers in the music and entertainment industries for the purpose of becoming a unified, powerful force in the workplace and in the world. 

To become a resource center of knowledge and opportunities for those Christians who are seeking to grow their ministries and careers through guidance and education either audio or visual.

To create opportunities within the music and entertainment industries in which individuals can uplift and proclaim the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because of our love for Him.

Our Goals

Goals of the organization will be ultimately be determined by its members; but, they may include:

  • To create or endorse a music/entertainment publication that can be used by its members as a reasonably priced outlet for advertising and sharing information about their ministries and careers.
  • To produce charts which tracks the various music genres within Gospel music.
  • To create a convention for musicians and entertainers within Gospel music that will provide networking, educational, performance and other beneficial opportunities.
  • To produce an annual awards show that utilizes and honors the talents and contributions of its membership.
  • To create benefit packages for its members, i.e., reasonable health insurance packages; emergency disaster funds; benevolence funds; etc.
  • To produce and promote Gospel music/entertainment package shows that feature various members of the organization. All artists will have a fair and equal opportunity to represent their genre and to uplift the name of the Lord through their God-given talents.

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